How to Make Your Home Cozy, According to 3 Designers

We get it, it’s cold outside and there’s only one thing you want to do: hibernate.

But the year isn’t over yet, and there’s still so much to do before we break for the holidays and binge-watch all the holiday movies in our best loungewear while we’re eating cookies. Who’s with me?

In the meantime, we’re getting the house ready for some major napping. We’re ready to dial up the comfort, but we don’t want to compromise on style. Want to know how to make your home cozy, too? Naturally, we looked to three of our favorite designers—Katie Hodges, Julie Van Daele of Well Received, and Erik Gacia of Maison Trouvaille—to find out, and there is one thing they all agreed on: Don’t skimp on the texture.

Cozy is when you walk into a space and immediately want to kick off your shoes, snuggle into a comfortable piece of furniture, and unwind and just feel relaxed,” says Garcia. “It inspires you to hang out there all day.” We couldn’t agree more. 

photo by Julie Van Daele of Well Received

Hodges also relies on texture when she wants to amp up the cozy factor, but lighting is also key, especially the warmth of a flame. In lieu of a fireplace, she says staggered candle pillars are a beautiful way to add a sense of intimacy and specialness to a space. 

photo by Haris Kenjar for Katie Hodges Design

And don’t forget to mix up your texture, too. Daele says it’s important to fuse knits, faux furs, and velvet, but most importantly, “don’t forget scent!” We’re talking incense, candles, and essential oils. Garcia agrees: “Scents are a great way to feel relaxed, calm, and luxurious.”

If you’re nodding your head in agreement on adding texture but shaking your head at how to make your home cozy and chic, then read on for our designer’s top tips:

  • Layer two different textured pillows in the same color palette to your sofa.
  • Put a throw over your sofa and on your armchairs.
  • Place an accent rug over your larger existing rug.

photo via Maison Trouvaille

Ready to put these tips into practice? Shop our designer’s favorite pieces to make your home look and feel cozy:

Is your room feeling cold and in need of a warm hug? Simply toss a textured throw over it and see it cozy up in an instant. This alpaca throw is definitely a splurge but it will last you many winters.

There is nothing quite like a candle to set the mood and the holder always changes up the scene. This brass style is a classic and never goes out of style.

Natural materials will always warm and cozy up a space. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful Maplewood candleholders.

You don’t always have to reach for white candles, consider neutral hues in soft beige and brown, even a mustard is great for the fall and winter months.

Nothing says cozy like a chunky knit throw in wool. Yes, please.

Layer your textures and your colors. Opt for soft shades that enhance the cozy factor.

Not only do candles warm up a room with their light but Daele tells me they also elevate your dining or coffee table with their unique and beautiful designs—and she’s obsessed with this lace candle!

If you want to move away from the typical tapered candle, then choose a sculptural moment like this U candle that also doubles as decor. You might not want to burn it though!

You can always count on the Danes for some major hygge. These candle holders will definitely set the cozy mood.

These are a total splurge but Daele is a huge fan of the Apparatus designers and these will be a statement piece in your home forever.

Daele is a huge fan of scent when creating a cozy space at home. These Tennen cones can be burned throughout the day to raise the vibration.

Daele actually gifted me this incense set for my birthday last year and I just bought another pack because it’s so beautiful. We also bought the acorn incense holder.

Making your room cozy isn’t just about your living room. This bolster pillow is a wonderful combination with throw pillows and is so nice to snuggle with while watching Netflix.

You can always rely on CB2 for affordable decor to upgrade your home each season. This beautiful sheepskin throw pillow is just the perfect cozy piece.

Is there anything you want to snuggle with more than this Mongolian pillow? We think not.

Combine textures in various materials, fabrics, and prints to diversify the design.

Don’t forget to layer your patterns with simple neutrals to anchor the space.

You can never go wrong with an Alpaca wool throw. This one just gets better with age.

The stitching detail on this pillow really gives it that homemade touch and we love the textured wool fabric—so warm and cozy.

If there was one piece of decor that you could always rely on for cozy vibes, it’s the humble scented candle.


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